Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Last Leg of a Long Journey


Sorry that this is the first post I have made in months. It seems that many people who have been following the health of my father via my family’s blogs have already heard the recent news, but I want to make a formal post on my blog as well. As most all of this blog’s readers know, for the last three and a half years, my father, David Reid, has been fighting cancer. Valiantly, I might add- always optimistic, full of faith, and resilient in the face of daunting odds.

Sadly, it seems my dad- and all of us, in a way- are approaching the end of the journey. Thursday afternoon, after having an MRI done to determine the source of some back pain my father was experiencing, a three inch tumor was discovered on his backbone. After examining the results and the continuing spread of the cancer (which spread while he was already receiving the only chemotherapy that was having any real results), it was determined that there was nothing more that could medically be done.

He has been given about 6 weeks to live. He has been referred to hospice services and all further treatments will be palliative care to reduce the pain and make him as comfortable as possible. Understandably, the family is in a bit of shock. We knew he wasn’t doing well, but we were certainly not expecting this. My sister is already in Mississippi and assisting the family. I am currently still in South Carolina, as I am taking care of school business. My semester has been declared “incomplete,” and I am taking the next day or two to try and slam out a few final assignments. The more I get done on this end is that much less I must do next semester. And ensuring that arrangements are made now will make the transition back into school easier come Spring.

Katie and I will be leaving Tuesday afternoon for Mississippi. Katie will return to SC after the Thanksgiving holiday, and I will remain in MS with the family for the duration of the illness. It is going to be an emotional, messy and stressful next few months. Thoughts and prayers are still very much appreciated.