Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Out of Africa...

Watoto wazuri #1
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Well, we reached American soil last night and have spent the day getting settled in again here at home. I hope to have a good selection of photos up in the next few days for folks to scroll through, but it'll be a little while until we get all that straight.

First reflection on the trip: Last night while talking with my sister, she asked me if I felt that this trip has changed me. Having not had much time to process the trip and its experiences, I said "yes" but kinda mumbled a brief and vague answer (hey, it was late and I was exhausted). Obviously I still need more time to fully process our time in Africa, but here is the first inkling of what that "change" may be: By coming back to Columbia, I feel like I have actuually left my "home" back in Africa. Not that I don't love the US or Columbia (as most folks know, we really really like Columbia). But this was a very real, very deep sensation I experienced while Katie and I were driving around town today: we are where we need to be right now, but it's not where we are ultimately meant to be. Now, this might just be a result of the readjustment back to "normal life", or maybe just wishful thinking on my part. We've wanted to live in Africa for awhile now, yet this feeling was deeper than it ever was before the trip. It really seems to me that we have seen the next "big thing" in our life and that we now aren't going to be "settled in" anywhere until we get back to African soil. We may not know the route, but we know the destination...

OK, hope that made some bit of sense and wasn't too trite. That's all for now, as I am horribly jetlagged at this moment (and if what I have heard about "being jetlagged is like being drunk" is true, I now-more-than-ever have absolutely no idea why people drink). More photos and stories soon...

Oh yeah, big shout out to Fuzzy for all the updates and links on our blogs, and also to Margaret for picking us up at the airport last night.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Posts from Africa

Hello, Christopher's soon-to-be-brother-in-law Fuzzy here. Christopher and Katie are sending back emails from Africa and I'm posting them over on Katie's blog. There are two so far, from Wednesday and today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Kwa Herini!

Most everyone who reads this blog knows where we're off to, so know that as of 12 noon today, well...we're OFF! See y'all the last week in June!

Also, Happy Late Birthday, Stek!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Pat Robertson and God: On the Outs?

How could something like this happen to people so close to God's Right-Hand Man? (Sorry, Jesus.)

From CNN:

Learjet registered to Pat Robertson crashes
Friday, June 2, 2006; Posted: 6:04 p.m. EDT (22:04 GMT)
A Learjet registered to religious broadcaster Pat Robertson crashed in Long Island Sound while flying in heavy fog Friday, killing both pilots, authorities said. All three passengers escaped without serious injury.

CLICK HERE for the whole article.

As a Christian, I'll say that I am sorry that these individuals have died and that it is a blessing that the others weren't killed.

However, if I were Pat Robertson, I would go on national television and say to millions of people that these two men were victims off their own sin and were struck down by the Lord because when they were in grade school, they once talked to a boy at recess who later grew up to be gay. I would also say that I was not meant to be on that plane and that my safety was assured by the Lord because of my on-going ministry of love and compassion. God would tell me this directly, in English, and send an angel down from Heaven with a document that states this fact which had also been notarized by Jesus himself. Isn't that what happens when God talks to Pat?

Party 5/6/06

On May 6th, we hosted friends and family at our new place in a celebration of my graduation / housewarming / meet the parents / our friend Chrissy’s birthday. Lots of folks were in attendance. And for those of you who weren’t there, we wish you could have been. Sorry about the delay in posting these photos. In fact, I thought we had forgotten to take any, and I know some of my readers were disappointed by this. But luckily, I JUST found a few photos tonight, so I thought I’d get them up as soon as possible. ENJOY!!

Party Picture #1, 5/6/06

Party Picture #2, 5/6/06

Party Picture #3, 5/6/06

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Book...

Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
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So I read another book by Alexander McCall Smith. I really am quite taken by this guy’s work. This time it was Friends, Lovers, Chocolate, the sequel to The Sunday Philosophy Club. Very entertaining. The title is a list of three things which often put to the test an individual’s personal ethics, morality, and/or willpower. I was completely absorbed by this novel, though ultimately I did like the first one better.

This time our heroine, Isabel Dalhousie, is pulled into hunting up the truth behind the death of another young man- But this time it is to find out his identity, as his heart was donated to an older gentleman Isabel meets by chance, only to learn that ever since his transplant, he experiences bouts of sudden pain accompanied by a vision of a face he has never seen. Can his new heart be “remembering” the person who killed its original owner? It is an intriguing premise, and I enjoyed once again spending time with this series’ characters. There’s only two books in the series so far, so I’ll have to wait a bit until Isabel and I are reunited. When we return from Africa, I guess I’ll have to delve into the Professor Doctor Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld series.