Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Out of Africa...

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Well, we reached American soil last night and have spent the day getting settled in again here at home. I hope to have a good selection of photos up in the next few days for folks to scroll through, but it'll be a little while until we get all that straight.

First reflection on the trip: Last night while talking with my sister, she asked me if I felt that this trip has changed me. Having not had much time to process the trip and its experiences, I said "yes" but kinda mumbled a brief and vague answer (hey, it was late and I was exhausted). Obviously I still need more time to fully process our time in Africa, but here is the first inkling of what that "change" may be: By coming back to Columbia, I feel like I have actuually left my "home" back in Africa. Not that I don't love the US or Columbia (as most folks know, we really really like Columbia). But this was a very real, very deep sensation I experienced while Katie and I were driving around town today: we are where we need to be right now, but it's not where we are ultimately meant to be. Now, this might just be a result of the readjustment back to "normal life", or maybe just wishful thinking on my part. We've wanted to live in Africa for awhile now, yet this feeling was deeper than it ever was before the trip. It really seems to me that we have seen the next "big thing" in our life and that we now aren't going to be "settled in" anywhere until we get back to African soil. We may not know the route, but we know the destination...

OK, hope that made some bit of sense and wasn't too trite. That's all for now, as I am horribly jetlagged at this moment (and if what I have heard about "being jetlagged is like being drunk" is true, I now-more-than-ever have absolutely no idea why people drink). More photos and stories soon...

Oh yeah, big shout out to Fuzzy for all the updates and links on our blogs, and also to Margaret for picking us up at the airport last night.


(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

I just adore the expression on this girl's face. I mean, could she beam any more than that? Wow . . . very cool. And let me guess . . . these are all Chris new bud's right?

And I just wanted to comment . . . as our flight to Dublin flew over the Atlantic coast of Ireland, in the wee hours of the morning and with Diana sound asleep beside me, I could swear I almost heard whispers of "Welcome Home" rise up from the island below me. Maybe it's wanting something for so long, or maybe it is ancient memories reawakening in your soul, but I don't think the feeling is trite. I think they are powerful and real.

St. Izzy said...

Welcome home. I hope to see the pix soon.

One of the most convicting things about being in Cite Soleil was how happy and grateful everyone was in circumstances where spoiled old me would be pissing and moaning all the time.

IPW said...

First, Welcome Home and all that Jazz.
I do think you comment was trite, but that doesn't make them any less true. Ha,Ha!
Anyway, as my grandfather use to say, "You are where God puts you for a reason." If it is your ultimate goal to live in Afirica, I am sure it will happen. Seriously in the decade I have know you(WoW!), You have accomplished everything you have set your mind to.
Well, again, welcome home and hopefully I will get your welcome home package in the mail today.