Friday, June 02, 2006

Pat Robertson and God: On the Outs?

How could something like this happen to people so close to God's Right-Hand Man? (Sorry, Jesus.)

From CNN:

Learjet registered to Pat Robertson crashes
Friday, June 2, 2006; Posted: 6:04 p.m. EDT (22:04 GMT)
A Learjet registered to religious broadcaster Pat Robertson crashed in Long Island Sound while flying in heavy fog Friday, killing both pilots, authorities said. All three passengers escaped without serious injury.

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As a Christian, I'll say that I am sorry that these individuals have died and that it is a blessing that the others weren't killed.

However, if I were Pat Robertson, I would go on national television and say to millions of people that these two men were victims off their own sin and were struck down by the Lord because when they were in grade school, they once talked to a boy at recess who later grew up to be gay. I would also say that I was not meant to be on that plane and that my safety was assured by the Lord because of my on-going ministry of love and compassion. God would tell me this directly, in English, and send an angel down from Heaven with a document that states this fact which had also been notarized by Jesus himself. Isn't that what happens when God talks to Pat?

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(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

Oh . . my . . God!!

This is perhaps the most tragically . . . er . . not exactly funny, yet poigniantly hilarious post.

Does God speak to you about Pat Robertson, and if so, does He giggle when he gets to the part where He has punked Pat and Pat doesn't get it?