Friday, June 02, 2006

Party 5/6/06

On May 6th, we hosted friends and family at our new place in a celebration of my graduation / housewarming / meet the parents / our friend Chrissy’s birthday. Lots of folks were in attendance. And for those of you who weren’t there, we wish you could have been. Sorry about the delay in posting these photos. In fact, I thought we had forgotten to take any, and I know some of my readers were disappointed by this. But luckily, I JUST found a few photos tonight, so I thought I’d get them up as soon as possible. ENJOY!!

Party Picture #1, 5/6/06

Party Picture #2, 5/6/06

Party Picture #3, 5/6/06


Diana Banana said...

Wow, you have really cool-looking friends! I had no idea.

baldman76 said...

Oh yes, all of our friends are cool-looking. And thin. And I think these photos are a good illustrattion of that.

(jim) Bo Ba Log said...
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(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

Wow, I don't remember being at the party . . or even getting an invitation, but there I am walking around with a drink in my hand in the last photograph, and gesticulating wildly in the first.

Did I do anything to make a fool of myself?

Gosh . . . I'm really sorry I drank so much. Looks like I had a GREAT time though.

baldman76 said...

Oh, yes. You were there. But you got there late. You showed up late, and said- or mumbled, actually- something about Diana, and waiting for her to fall asleep- and then I didn't catch the next part, but it was something about the Atlantic City airport and Hooters Airlines. Then you laughed quietly to yourself, then said something in Gaelic, and said "Nevermind the rest- I'm here now." Yeah, you were pretty wild. And then you vanished and next we heard from you, you were back home.

Whatever happens in Columbia STAYS in Columbia. That's my motto.