Friday, November 11, 2005

Well, here it is...

...starting on the same day as the Liberian election results were announced.

Liberian Protesters Face Tear Gas
Friday, November 11, 2005; Posted: 12:41 p.m. EST (17:41 GMT)

Liberia (Reuters) -- U.N. forces fired tear gas at angry supporters of Liberian soccer star George Weah on Friday after they stoned police and marched to the U.S. embassy to back a demand to halt counting in an election Weah says was rigged.

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Waldie's World said...

on all things considered today they were going to interview the woman who supposedly won the election. but then they were having "phone issues" and i had pulled into my parking space at home. so i decided not to wait to hear if they got her on the line. (and, while trying to establish the connection they were talking about the new mvp pick.) oh well, would've liked to hear what she had to say.