Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Comic Will Be Arriving Soon...

So my sister’s wonderful fiancé Fuzzy has found time in his busy busy schedule to convert my comic book 5 Days to Get There into an online format and has hosted it on his website. Completed in 2004, the comic recounts the events (in a mostly true fashion) of a now LEGENDARY 1999 road trip to Los Angeles that I took with my friend Brian Floyd. A few collector’s edition hardcopy drafts have found their way into the hands of a lucky few, but even I don’t have a hard copy of the comic anymore. It has subsequently floated in a limbo of sorts, saved on my hard drive but accessible only on my computer, and not even in a particularly reader-friendly format.

But now, thanks to Fuzzy, the comic is now available to view online. And I am thrilled. It looks great to me. Yes, there are two or three typos, but I wasn’t exactly striving for perfection (as the artwork will attest). I will post the web link soon and will create a permanent link in my blog’s sidebar. I am creating its own post which will contain the link to Fuzzy’s host site, so if you read it and want to comment, you can do so. Feedback (good or not so good) will be welcome. SOON, my dear readers. SOON.

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