Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Absence Makes the Folks Go Wander?

Hello? Are y'all still here? Is there anyone still checking my blog? Or has my absence led y'all to abandon me to my errant ways of non-blogmanship?

Well, this will hardly make up for it, but at least it's something. For most all of last week, I was sick sick sick in the bed. Dizziness. Coughing. Runny Nose. And that was on a good day. So I spent most of the time sick from work and in bed, hardly touching the computer. Not a particularly exciting story, but there it is. Such is my life.

However, I did read a few really good books. And I have seen a few movies in the last few weeks as well. And I did a corn maze shaped like a dinosaur (the maze, that is). So I'll get some blog posts up about all this- and more- soon. But the wife and I are headed to Mississippi tomorrow. And that'll be even MORE stuff to tell y'all about, with some pictures to boot. So be patient, Dear Readers. There's some exciting blogging just around the corner.


Sean said...

Yep...still checkin' it just about every day.

Lookin' forward to hearing about the maize maze.

Theresa said...

We be round. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all :-)

Dogwood Dell said...

Still here. Hope you're feeling well and being safe on the road.

Like Pritcher - I'm checking the blog everyday.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Ditto. Not that I get around to posting, either...