Sunday, December 03, 2006

Update on My Father

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I imagine most everyone who reads this blog knows that for the last few years my Dad has been battling metastatic cancer. Diagnosed in 2004, he has had major surgery, radiation, and numerous chemotherapies, but alas the cancer is proving to be quite tenacious. What started in the rectal region spread to the liver, then after surgery, it spread to his lungs, then back to the liver. So for the last year, we’ve been dealing with the lung and liver issue, though the lungs are the real worrying part. And I haven’t really mentioned the cancer much on the blog for a while, partly because often any changes are so minor that there’s not much to tell, and also because it is so prevalent in the life of my family (directly and indirectly) that I just get tired of talking about it. Cancer gets old. But here’s a bit of an update.

Good News: Dad is doing very well, considering. He looks better than he has in a long while. To look at him, you wouldn’t know that he was sick with anything, much less with something so serious. He has changed his diet, lost 35 pounds, still works 40+ hours a week, hangs out at a coffee shop, and is one of the cheeriest folks you could know. Both my Dad and my Mom have kept an upbeat, spiritual perspective throughout this whole ordeal.

Bad News: There’s still cancer in his lungs and liver. What was there already has grown in size, and there are new growths in both areas from the last time he was tested, ie, it’s spreading. So, he is starting a new chemo regimen of Avastin and something called Erbitux (interestingly enough, produced by ImClone, made famous by Martha Stewart). Along with diet and supplements to help bolster his system, hopefully this will start to have a positive impact and get rid of this crap once and for all (with as few side-effects as possible).

So there you have it. Prayers and good vibes are still appreciated. For more regular updates about Dad and his health, check out my mother’s blog Tricia Dishes.


Dogwood Dell said...

Thanks for the update.

BTW….Your folks rock!

When I met them last year at your X-Mas party, I discovered they had the funniest sense of humor - especially your dad. I gave him some icing from a cupcake and he placed it upon his mustache. After I took a quick bite from the cupcake, I handed it off to your dad. When he turned to talk to your mother holding my half eaten cupcake, the expression on her face was priceless. Then the expression on your father’s face was twice as amusing. Within 5 seconds your father shared the news that we were playing a prank and it was not his cupcake. You can image the brief confusion followed by laughter between your parents.

I briefly saw a humor your folks share and grateful to be part of the joke.

It’s good to know your father still maintains his cheerful spirit.

Prayers are still there!

wagsandpurrs said...

Another thing about this cancer and David that is worth noting, the average life expectancy of his type, and being Stage IV (the worst), is 20 months from diagnosis and we are well into our 31st month!!! Even the doctor is amazed at how well he is doing. And as I type this, he is on the way to the gulf coast for more work training for the next two days!! He has plans, goals, and great expectations for the future!!
A very prominent Mississippi woman has just been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told her last week that she has 6 months to live without treatment, 8 months to live with treatment. We are extremely blessed to have not been given that kind of news.
So, everyone that reads this, thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and positive comments. They really do help all of us!!!

(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

One of the nicest men I've ever met in my short life, Okay, not so short life. And looking forward to quality time with him this month.

BTW, Just letting you know that I expect his son to live up to the standard.

Prayers, as always

Jason Dufair said...

Thanks very much for the update. I really hope the Avastin and Erbitux work well. They're supposed to be pretty effective. I don't know your dad, but if he's like Erica, he's got to be a hell of a guy.

I lost my wife this summer to cancer. She was on Tarceva, another "molecular" drug. It worked well for her and bought her about 7 months. I hope the Avastin and Erbitux buy your father much, much more. I hope your family is well despite this terrible illness.