Thursday, March 22, 2007

Six Things

So there’s this “List Six Weird Things About Yourself” thing going around, and I was tagged by my sis, so here are just a sampling of the weirdness that is Chris Reid:

1. I hate short-sleeved shirts, but without fail I roll up the sleeves of my long-sleeved shirts. Even in winter when it’s freezing, know that my sleeves are rolled up under my coat.

2. I inadvertently make a weird little “meow” sound that comes up from my throat, not always but often enough, mostly when I’m talking, but sometimes when I’m just listening to someone else. It’s just a barely audible little throat squeak, but it’s definitely there. My sister was the first person to ever point it out.

3. When I sneeze really hard, often-times my breastbone pops (audibly and painfully).

4. I generally wear shoes from morning until night and generally do not go barefoot (thanks to both my Dad stressing the importance of shoes in emergencies and the broken glass scene in the movie Die Hard).

5. I can’t stand to wear a watch when I poop. This is now kinda a moot point since I no longer wear a watch. The rationale behind this irrationality was a fear that my watch would fall in the toilet while I was handling business. My solution? A pocket watch attached to my belt…which ultimately had a much higher chance of actually falling in a toilet than a wrist watch.

6. I dislike straws and think it is juvenile looking when adults drink with one. (This quirk can also be attributed to my dad).

I tag Mr. Williams, the Cap’n, and wifey.


Anonymous said...

you are not weird, you are a REID-and if that is weird, then that is the best kind of weirdness to have!!!!
love ya'
Aunt (I have never used this word with you and that weird?)

Mike Steketee said...