Monday, May 28, 2007

Life With the Somalis

So I know I talk about Africa a lot. And I know I talk about the Somali families with whom we work a lot. And I fully accept the fact that in the last few months my primary social outlet has been through a group of Somali teenagers. I know I am much older, buy hey- the guys crack me up. Whether with kids or adults, I just love hanging out with these folks.

This last Friday, I spent a large chunk of my day sitting either outside the apartments of one of the families, visiting with adults and playing with kids, or sitting in a barber shop for two hours so two of the guys could get haircuts. As I was sitting, listening to everyone around me speak a language I do not understand, it occured to me that this is kind of the end of an era. Over th elast few months, several Somali families have moved to other states, and today, Memorial Day, two of the families I know very well moved to Nebraska. Another of the families we have worked with the most over the last year is likely leaving by summer's end. And there will be lots of changes in the lives of the remaining families and in our own life in the next few months.

So in light of this fact, I thought I would post a few pictures and videos from the last few months that may illustrate exactly what it's been like getting to know these families, and maybe a glimpse of why it is we spend so much of our time with them.

Family photo

Little Ladies

Ahmed, Dr. Garane, and Mohamed

Strawberry picking


For Realz

And a special goodbye to Abdi and Mohamed, cousins who , along with their familes, moved to Nebraska this afternoon. Good luck to them both!

Abdi and Mohamed


Erica said...

You are adorable and I am so proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

Ive always thought that the BEST way for a refugee family to really get settled in the US (especially the Somali Bantu) is for an American family to get personally involved with them. I am so happy for the somalis and for you that you guys took the time to get to know each other. :)I LOVED seeing those videos. (and im jealous) heheh