Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nose, You Remember Grindstone, Right?

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Well, I am so so far behind on my blog, and I know it.

And this is just a quick post tonight. This week is my first week of grad school. It's been very enjoyable thus far. I've made some friends, met some nice professors, and have gotten excited about what we will be learning.

I also lost my hat. $#@&!

This week is three days of orientations (two down, one to go), then two days of field placement. Saturday is all day meetings about two of my classes which are "Distance Education" classes even though I will be in the room with the professor; thus, everyone must come to Columbia prior to the first session. Then next week is "Block Week" which is five full days of field placement (plus my two night classes).

THEN, the next week is Labor Day and we have no classes. The funny thing about that is that Mondays are the days I have 3 of my 4 classes, so factoring in the holiday, I really won't start two of my classes until September 10th!)

I also secured a 10-hour a week Graduate Assistantship which will be in the Office of International Programs for Students and will be starting the first week of September as well.

Lots going on. It's about to get REAL real, son.



Dogwood Dell said...

Best of luck with Grad School.

BTW...Love the "REID" poster!

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Great to see your wife today and congrats on becoming Olympians. Shall we call you Apollo and Diana, Zeus and Hera, or some other Olympians: Mark Spitz and Dorothy Hamil?