Sunday, February 08, 2015

Kids Draw the Darndest Things, Part II: Sister Genie's Birthday Edition

Welcome to the second installment of Kids Draw the Darndest Things, wherein I post a lot of earnest, genuine artwork created by children and then make fun of it.

This edition is dedicated to my friend Sr. Genie Natividad. This is Genie:

Sr. Genie is a Maryknoll Sister who lives here in Mwanza. Today, February 8th, is her birthday. Yesterday, we had a gathering of our Chanua children's group, with whom both Genie and I work. In honor of her birthday, I asked the kids to draw pictures of Sr. Genie.

I would be lying if I didn't admit to thinking "Oh, these will be HILARIOUS."

At first, I thought I was gonna be a little disappointed. Because the first few I saw were actually pretty straight-forward, pretty good drawings, lacking the wild, wonky quality of kid's artwork that I love so much.

But these kids...they did NOT disappoint.

Now, I should say once again before we commence that I LOVE these drawings. I love the way kids draw. I love everything about these drawings and I am super proud of them. I make sure to tell every kid what a good job they did with the drawing.

But I'm still gonna make fun of them. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
Happy Birthday, Sr. Genie: A Rogue's Gallery

OMG!!!! LOL!!!! ROFL!!!! IHAHLA!!!
(IHAHLA= I Have A Huge Left Arm)

A RED guitar?! Really? (That's all i could come up with. This one is pretty dang good.)

 Remember the end of Beetlejuice? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Sr. Genie, the Elephant Man.

Badonkadonk! Sir Mix-a-Lot would like a word with you.

Simplistic, but pretty much gets the basics right.

Eraserhead Baby, Business Casual.

Sr. Genie: Sister by day, Sinner by Night.

"It's Raining...On Prom Night...!!"


"Never in my 42 year as a school principal have I seen such behavior. I'll see you in my office."

"A Sister and a Saint: The Sr. Genie Story" starring James Gandolfini. (It was his last role.)

Pretty sure Genie is throwing gang signs here.


Sisita Genenie.

 Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz.

She DOES love purple.

Sisit Gniee.

I was into Sr. Genie's music before it was cool.

"It's a sharp pain in my left arm."


"Honey, dinner's on the table, and our 2.5 children are all cleaned up!"

Channeling Grace Jones.

Something's off about the proportions here. I can't put my finger on it.

CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN!!! (which is pretty hard without feet).

This one just freaks me out. Let's move on.

CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN!! (Simpsons style)

Don't cry, Little Monkey.

Is that her hair or is her brain exposed?

Kathleen Turner as a Buffy vampire.