Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mimi ninangoja sasa...

"I am waiting right now..."

,,,so I thought I'd blog. This afternoon I am supposed to be meeting with my Swahili teacher (Fabian Maganda, mwalimu wangu wa Kiswahili). I called him moments ago to check if he was indeed available (since last week he forgot and went off to eat lunch with his wife, acting, as he said, like a "typical African", ie, not so strict on schedules). He was in a meeting when I called and said he will call me back. So I am waiting.

There is lots going on these days, though how exciting it will be for y'all to read about is debatable. This last weekend was busy, what with poker games (congrats Matt), Katie's birthday (Happy 28th), and the first real house-hunting we have done since our last debacle a month ago. We looked at one duplex this morning which was OK, but it didn't knock our socks off. In fact, my socks were still confortably snug on my feet. My inclination is to pass on it. We went to see another apartment afterward (after voting- VOTE PEOPLE!!), but the property manager brought the wrong key so we couldn't get in. However, from looking through the window, it looked CUTE. If everything looks OK and it is actually as cute as it seems, we may roll with this one. It's on the second floor of a house in Olympia. Pretty nice area.

Lots of packing of non-essentials. If we can get a place, we'll start REALLY packing with a quickness. Though our apartment is quite comfortable right now, Sunday night we had to break out the inflatable mattress and sleep on the living room floor again, as our bed room was 85 degrees WITH the AC on. We're ready to move.

OK, so there's the boring minutia of my day. You're dismissed.

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