Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Africa Itinerary

Africa Trip Map
So for those of you who will be interested, here is a loose map and itinerary for our upcoming African Adventure.

June 5- leave Columbia and travel from Columbia to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam onward to Dar es Salaam.
June 6- 10:00pm Arrive in Dar es Salaam

June 7–11th Spend time in and around Dar. We may travel to the town of Bagamoyo for an evening to see the beach and visit some historical sites. We may also take in Zanzibar.

June 12- 13 Travel by Bus to Dodoma, the technical capital of Tanzania (though most all maps still list Dar as such). Stay in Dodoma at the Msalato theological college as the guests of Dr. Dickson Chilongani (This bio is a little out of date, as he has received his Doctorate and is now Dean of the school.)

June 14 – 15th Travel by train to Dodoma for Mwanza.

June 15 – 22 Stay at the home of Dennis and Mary Mashiku, the parents of Dainess Maganda. Fabian Maganda will be with us until the 17th. Hopefully we can hang out and do some work at an orphanage or school while we are here.

June 22 Travel to Arusha, spend one evening. We’ll try to attend a session at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, where they are trying individuals for crimes during the 1994 genocide pogrom.

June 23 - 26 Cross the border (via bus) into Kenya and visit Nairobi, where we will depart on the evening of the 26th.

This is a LOOSE itinerary. We will undoubtedly shift some of these plans around. The ONLY things set in stone are our arrival, the train, and departure. In fact, as of three days ago, the Dodoma visit wasn’t even on our itinerary, and now I think it will be one of the highlights of the trip. So there you go. Five days until departure: The countdo

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