Monday, May 22, 2006

Weddings, weddings!

Melissa and Daniel
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On May 14th, Katie and I took a fast and furious road trip up to Wilmington, NC for the wedding of Daniel Haase and Melissa Caponi, a former teammate of mine when I was in AmeriCorps*NCCC in 2001. Melissa was one of only individual that I was with for all 5 projects, as we both ended up on the same “Shuffle team” for Round Three. LD was the other. (Some background- for the third round, each unit shuffled around the corps members to create new teams for a few weeks. I was initially opposed to this, as it takes awhile for a team to operate smoothly, and I felt this was disrupting the flow of our regular team and creating possible friction because of the new environments. However, I LOVED our shuffle team, so there were no worries.)

So the trip was fun, albeit brief. Not only did I get to see some of my old school “Johnny Water Peeps / Precious Cargo “ crew (Melissa, Angie Rohacek, and Casey “Beulah Sheffield” Cross) but some other AmeriCorps peeps as well, most notably Vegan Steve, who officiated the wedding. The ceremony was brief, but incredibly sweet (and no shame- I cried). We hung out at the reception for a while, then headed home that evening about 8:30. (Click the picture above to see a few more shots.)

This was actually the second wedding of a very busy weekend. Wedding #1 was at 9:30 am here in the Columbia area. A USC classmate of mine, Rachael Russell, was marrying her long-time sweetheart Nicholas, and it was also a very short but sweet ceremony. The service was held at the Mitchell House in Lexington, which is set up for this type of deal, so when the service ended, we just went next door for the reception. Good spread of food, and several of my USC friends were there: Matt, Chrissy, the Stekdog, Jenny and Daniel.

That afternoon we bailed on the post-wedding party because of the intense sociality of the weekend. That evening, it was dinner with Fabian and Dianess Maganda, followed by drinks at the Public House with Tricia, Adam, and Michelle.


Waldie's World said...

Correction: Chris was NOT on 5 rounds with Melissa because I was on a round with her during what? Round 3 I think??? We did trail building on Mount Harvard in central Colorado. That is, until we were pulled off to do emergency relief in Texas. Anyways, for the record Chris was on 4 rounds with Melissa.

baldman76 said...

Correction: It could NOT have been round three when Katie was on a team with Melissa. It would have been Round Four, when my team was in Benton harbor, MI (ooooh, shudder, what a tough round that was...) Staci and a few others were late arriving to the site by a few weeks because of the Texas flood.