Monday, August 07, 2006

Read this Post, You Hockey Puck.

This has been quite a year for a sports fan such as myself. First golf, then baseball- why not HOCKEY? Sunday evening, the wife and I joined up with some friends of ours and went to see Mike “Stekdog” Steketee (#14) slap the puck around a bit. He’s on a league that plays every Sunday at the Iceland Skating Center in Irmo, SC. Joining us were Matt and Chrissy, April Dove, and Mike’s mom, brother Matt, and cousin Christine(?) from Michigan.

Iceland Skate Center in Irmo, SC

Mike Steketee, #14

Well, let’s cut to the chase. Mike’s team lost. However, he did have some superstar moments, AND after some dude smacked against him or somethin’, Mike totally took this dude out and knocked him on his ass in retribution. Sweet.

Mike, post game and shilling for Gatorade

So during the game the goalie, who was of course wearing a protective mask, got nailed in the head with the puck so hard he fell flat on his back on the ice. He just lay there holding his head and the game was stopped until they established if he would be OK (which he was and he finished the game). But when I saw that happen, I thought “Well, there’s one more sport I’ll cross of my list to try” (because of both my extreme dislike of people aiming any type of projectiles at me, and my utter disdain for actually being hit by said object.) And I’m not the only one who feels this way, as Katie immediately made some comment about not having any desire to have anyone hurl objects at her with any formidable speed. That’s why I love her.

Dinner at Tio’s (by Miyo’s) followed, and Mike’s mom pulled a fast one on us and paid the tab for the whole table. And Katie pointed out that the cute waitress (who I was trying to get a certain someone to flirt with) was evidently making eyes at ME (and I had noticed that myself, honestly). Katie was thrilled and said she loved the fact that her man was a “catch.” However, I don’t think I’m much of a looker, as this candid photograph of me in my skivvies will show.

Also, giraffes evidently hate carrots (but love giraffe-crack).

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Great Post Chris, much appreciated. By the way, my cousin's name is Kristen.