Friday, October 27, 2006

Pop Quiz

Sorry for the lack of posting. Been very very busy lately. I’ll try to get a bit more up in the next day or so. But until then, here’s some educational games for you to play, ‘cause learnin’ is good for ya:

United States Map Quiz

African Countries Quiz

World Geography Super Quiz

For all sorts of other quizzes, CLICK HERE.


Dogwood Dell said...

Loved the quizzes.

Rocked the US one (hands down). Africa was a challenge (but I aced the physical geography “A+”).

The super world quiz - Wow! Talk about high risk with points.

Great fun! Thanks for sharing.



St. Izzy said...

You forgot to include The World's Toughest Catholic Quiz (brought to our attention by Pritcher).

who didn't notice the timer on the easy US quiz and timed out due to multi-tasking (dork)