Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Right Attitude to Rain (2006)

Right Attitude To Rain

Alexander McCall Smith has a new book out. Seriously, the man needs to take a breather. There’s just no way my reading can keep up with his output. I was under the false presumption that I would soon to be able to claim to have read his entire catalog (though not only is he a book-writing machine, but I realized that I was nowhere close to actually having read everything he has written) That being said, I’ll never be wanting when it comes to his books, and as per usual, this newest one was really good.

The Right Attitude For Rain is an Isabel Dalhousie novel, and I must say that though the Botswana series is still my favorite for obvious reasons, I think Isabel may be my favorite of his characters. She is the most fleshed out, real character he has writes, and this is by virtue of the character being a philosopher. Isabel ponders life and mulls over situations in a very human way, and I think this lends a very realistic vibe to the novels. This book deals with an unhappy American couple and the possibility of Jamie becoming more than just a friend…I seriously recommend this series. They’re good, easy reads. Light enough if you want something simple, but with enough meat to allow you to chew on some of the ides for a while if you want something a little deeper.

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