Sunday, March 26, 2006

Letter to Editor Published

I'd figured I hadn't made the cut, but yesterday (3/25/06) The State Newspaper published my letter regarding the intrinsic vs. bottom-line value of the AmeriCorps*NCCC. Obviously, I was for keeping the program. So, dear readers, I stand by my request that everyone who feels compelled to support the program please contact their Congressional representatives and urge that funding be restored. As of right now, if it is not, the program will be terminated within a year.

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IPW said...

Short, Sweet, to the point, and completely true. Good Job my friend. Good Job.

tricia said...

That was a very good letter. Like ipw said, short, sweet, to the point and completely true. It was a good job. I guess I should have posted, "what he said"!!!!!

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We actually caught it in the State--Izzy picked me up a Saturday paper, an edition we don't usually read. I was tickled to see your letter there.

You did a good job in raising the issue that society cannot always place monetary values on works of mercy. It's something we in Public Health have dealt with for years. I hope the outcome is good for a re-structured, re-vamped, re-whatever'd (just not eliminated!) Americorps.


discipleassisi said...

yea, Chris! (and everything that implies)

MattCaz said...

I'm afraid that AmeriCorps volunteers just don't reach the compassion:dollar ratio our modern economy requires. Take heart though. I believe that the government is planning to import impoverished nuns from 3rd World countries who can devote reams of compassion for just pennies a day. Think of the savings!