Friday, September 01, 2006

Katie + Me + Mokey Makes Three

So except for a few posts here and there, I’ve been pretty AWOL on my blog lately. So I thought I would give you, my dear readers, a bit of an update:

We have been pretty busy lately. We spent a nice afternoon in Charleston with our friends Teresa and Zoltan a few weeks ago. We also recently had our friends the Magandas over for dinner last Saturday evening.

However, the biggest news is, as those of you who visit Waldie’s blog already know, we got a cat. A 3-month old kitten, to be exact, and she is a (precious) pain in the ass. We named her Mokey* after the Fraggle Rock character.

New Kitty

After a few days of hiding and somewhat sickly behavior, she is now in full-force kitten-mode, first to our delight, not to our slight dismay. She finally started to move around and play a little after two or three days here in the house, but now she’s moved on to clawing up our clothing and bedspreads, meowing NON-STOP for hours, climbing onto our desks and drinking from our water glasses, sitting on my pillow by my head while I try to sleep, leaping into an open toilet bowl (I caught her, luckily), climbing into a hot oven (Katie caught her there, also luckily) and walking around on our dinner table when we’re not looking (and actully, even when we're staring right at her, come to think of it). It’s a good thing she’s absolutely sweet and adorable, or I might be inclined to grab a shoe and smack her as I would be inclined to do to other pests that invade my house.

* I thought it was spelled Moki with an “i”, but evidently I was wrong.


IPW said...

You got to teach that kittne limits now. Or it will never stop doing crazy stuff like the stop you described.

St. Izzy said...

I tell people and tell them and tell them, but no one listens.

Always get kittens in pairs.

When they get bored, they have someone to play with. And they will get bored. Usually at around 2:30 AM, when the most interesting thing around is your own foot or dangling arm. And kittens are pointy at five out of six ends.

It can also be bits of cloth that attract their spastic attention. As you have discovered to your disadvntage.

Aggravation is halved and cuteness is doubled when you get kittens in pairs.

Not that I expect anyone to be listening.

St. Izzy said...

Oh, and if you were hoping for a lap cat, you should have gotten a male.

Waldie's World said...

oh! that's why when i googled "moki" to find a post for my blog about her i really couldn't find anything worthwhile.

wagsandpurrs said...

To quote David Reid,, "You can't have nice things and cats".
Also, if you really want to get her a friend, I know where you can get a free one!