Monday, September 18, 2006

Things My Cat Does to Piss Me Off #1

Mokey on Face


wagsandpurrs said...

Cats piss people off? NO, I do not believe it!!!

Anonymous said...

Cats? On the head? In the middle of the night?

I grew up with cats sleeping on top of my head all the time while growing up. It's not wonderful suddenly feeling a cat's paw kick you on the side of your head in the middle of the night - ugggg.

Then I discovered my nose and head was stuffed up upon waking (it wasn't until I arrived in SC that I learned about my cat allergies).



wagsandpurrs said...

Many years ago, at another house not so far away, I would wake up in the morning with cats all along my body, making me feel like a burrito in a blanket wrap. I literally couldn't move until I dislodged a couple from my arms. We then started to lock them out of the room, and would have to listen to the poor pathetic mewing and scratching at our bedroom door. I realized that I could breathe easier with them out of the room, and as long as I gave them canned cat food everyday, they still loved me. But I did feel a bit guilty. I'm over it.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Get kittens in pairs.
(sigh) No one listens (/sigh)

St. Izzy said...

What Lizzie said (and sighed).

And remember: tiz better to be pissed off than peed on.

once marked by an angry tomcat

Erin C., one of Erica's Chicago friends said...

Until today, I haven't been to your blog since Erica's wedding, but if you keep these "Things my cat does to piss me off" 'toons going, I'll be back every day. I love cats, and this made me guffaw while sitting at my computer this a.m.