Friday, January 05, 2007

We Had a Party Almost A Month Ago

Well, the end off 2006 was a busy time, with company, and parties, and road trips, and birthdays, etc. So here is the first of many many updates to catch up on the recent happenings around the Reid household. [However, for those of you who read Waldie’s blog, you have heard about most of this stuff].

So almost a month ago, we had our 4th Annual Reid Christmas Party, and by all accounts it was fun but surprisingly small. Years 2 and 3 both topped over 50 people each, which was chaotic but full of energy. Even our “housewariming/graduation/Chrissy’s birthday party” party hit about 50 folks. But this year’s shindig, including us, didn’t even hit 25 people. Several folks were noticeably absent, as they have all moved away to pursue opportunities elsewhere (Gaurav, Paula, Greg, Adam and Tricia), but we had a few new faces and many of the old stalwarts faithfully come and eat, drink and visit (and obsess over our cat in one particular instance. I’m looking at YOU, Izzy, but yes, she is a cutie).

So CLICK HERE to see a few photos from the shindig.

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St. Izzy said...

Hey, at least someone was making sure that everyone in the house had interaction with someone else. Poor little kitty. All alone and friendless. Trapped behind the mean old nasty door all day long. Listening to all the overgrown mammals having a good time out in other parts of the house.

I'm not stealing that cat; it's a rescue.

has no need for another feline in his life