Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Folks I Been Seein'

So my trip to Vicksburg and the surrounding area has given me the chance to see some old friends and run into some folks I haven't seen in years.

First of all, my sister Erica was here for a few days, and as always, it was great to see her.

Ian Williams, Nationwide
My friend Ian (above) came over from Jackson to attend the Willie Dixon event, so he was around for a good visit. Additionally, he was sent to V'burg to work for a few days, so he ended up over here at the house a few hours Thursday and Friday night.

I've seen Nancy Mitchell and Randy Jolly, two former art teachers of mine and old friends of the family.

Of course, I've seen Daniel and Leslie.

Ran into Palmer Shiers, AKA P-Root the Mighty Ku'ato. I worked with Palmer at Be-Bop Record Shop in V'burg in '98. Good fella. And speaking of BeBop, I ran into Anne who was my old supervisor at the Be-Bop warehouse in Jackson.

Seth Libby and Moi
Saw Seth Libby (above) at the Willie Dixon event as well. Guy's crazy. But endearingly so. Within the five minutes of seeing him, he had managed to tell a dirty joke and call my sexuality into question, twice. Good times.

Saw Denise Halbach at Keifer's in Jackson (more of a thing for Erica to have seen her since Erica had her as a teacher and I did not, but I had JUST asked about her and she walked through the door). And our waiter was Les Harvey, who I knew from Hinds.

I also saw Eric Neal at the Bass Pro Shop in Pearl. Hadn't seen him in years but it was good to see him. I guess we met in 7th grade, and I hung out with him a LOT in highschool, especially 9th grade. And I saw Brian Wells at the outlet mall here in V'burg.

And there's plenty more to see. I know that most everyone that reads this doesn't know these people, but I gotta give a few shout-outs. That's how I roll.

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Anonymous said...

I knew almost everybody you mentioned! Ah, the joys of living in a small town.

Hate that we missed you. Will you being coming through the 205 anytime soon?