Monday, September 19, 2011

The Final Party

One of the things we have enjoyed while living in Columbia- and one of the things I think for which we will be remembered- is that we knew how to throw a good party. We have always enjoyed hosting people, and it’s one of the things that we loved about our house; it was a good welcoming place to visit with friends. We would host friends over for dinner, we would have small gatherings to sit around fires, we would host Bible studies, and we would almost always have a big blowout (post)Christmas party in early January.* Now, I know lots of people have good parties, but ours were EPIC. In fact, one of Katie’s coworkers mentioned to another person that Katie and her worked together, and the person responded “OH, you work with Katie? Does that mean you get to go to their parties?” We threw good parties, I’m just sayin.’ But seriously, I like to think the strength of the parties and gatherings was our ability to pull together a very eclectic group of people from all across the spectrum. It was nothing WE did; it was the good company. So thank YOU.

So it was fitting that we had one more big shindig to send us off. Technically, our friend Carrie was the host though it was again held at our humble abode. And that party lasted for NINE HOURS. We appreciate everyone for coming out to wish us well, and we appreciate all the years of good food and good company. Come see us in Mwanza and we’ll make sure to do it up real good for ya.

To see the photos from the party, CLICK HERE.

*Seriously, have your Christmas party in January. The weeks leading up to the holidays are always SUPER busy, but AFTER the holidays, people tend to NOT have many plans, so you’ll get a good turnout in our experience.

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