Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye, SC! It's been real...

As of 8:45am this morning, we are no longer a residents of South Carolina. We rolled out of town this morning and made a long, wet slog up to New Jersey to spend a few days with Katie’s folks before we start our Maryknoll training in NY. The morning was such a flurry of activity that we really didn’t have time to stop and give much thought to the act of leaving Columbia and specifically leaving our house. I think any emotions behind our departure are tempered by the knowledge that is STILL our house, regardless of our absence. In fact, while we have countless good memories about our house, at this point it has sort of shifted from “our cute, peaceful little home” into “the house that MUST be rented so we can pay the mortgage.” The transition from “our home” to “a bill” does knock off some of the "fuzzy memory" aspect, though there is something subconsciously calming about knowing that if everything goes to hell with our Africa plans, we have a house to come back to. We do love that place.

These last few weeks have been super busy, but we’re up in Cape May, NJ for the next few days. Hopefully, I can get some catch-up posting done soon. I’ve got party pictures, vacation pictures, and all sorts of goodbye shots with friends to get up here.

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Beyonce said...

we will miss you Chris!