Saturday, September 24, 2005

Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song

Jack and Sally
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Well, since tomorrow night I will be seeing Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, I felt I should pay a little tribute to my favorite film. Yes, I could be a bit of an “art-house snob” if I so choose (and I don’t), but I have seen many a great film- be it classic cult films such as David Lynch’s Eraserhead, the masterpieces of Akira Kurasawa, the dead-pan humor of Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law- but at the end of the day, I must come clean and admit that A Nightmare Before Christmas is my ALL-TIME favorite movie. Perhaps not the best movie ever, but it has a very special place for me. Hell, I even had a cake with Jack’s head on it at my wedding reception.

I saw the film when it came out at Deville Cinema in Jackson MS, at the time the largest theater in MS (perhaps not as tall, but easily as wide as your standard IMAX). I liked it a lot and thought it was great. But over the years it has grown to be the movie that I can watch over and over and still be amazed. While at the Cultural Center in Madison, MS, the kids at the summer camp watched it at least twice a week, and as I was often in the room, I would generally forget about any work to do and find myself completely mesmerized. It was then that the movie kicked up a notch and has endeared itself to me so much.

The music, the amazing animation, the simple sentiment behind the story, and just the characters themselves…Confound it all, I love it though. Since it is now a few year’s past the decade mark, the effects have started to show their age a bit, and I’m sure Corpse Bride will ultimately blow them out of the water. But I doubt seriously that Jack will ever lose his rightful place as the Pumpkin King.

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