Monday, September 19, 2005

Mike Doughty's Band, 9/17/05

the drummer was great too.
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The Band: Mike Doughty was the lead singer/songwriter for Soul Coughing, one of my all-time favorite bands. After the group disbanded, Mike pursued solo work and toured as a one man acoustic singer, rehashing some old Soul Coughing and performing many new songs. His solo releases over the last few years have ranged from acoustic guitar to more electronic compositions, all featuring his distinct lyrical style and vocals.

Doughty has put together a new band (featuring my boy Andy on bass) and is currently touring his latest album on his first full-band tour since Soul Coughing broke up.

The Venue: The Music Farm was a really good venue. The sound quality was good, there was a lot of room to move throughout, and there was no pretentious vibe to make you feel like you weren't cool enough to be there (which wouldn't have mattered much 'cuz we were all TOTALLY cool enough to be there). Even the security guard who got onto me for taking a brief video of the show was nice (but blunt).

The Show: Having seen Mike on his "Smofe and Smang" era solo tour, we were looking forward to seeing him with a band, especially since I never had the opportunity to see Soul Coughing live, (unlike our friends Tricia and Adam, who saw them TWICE! Dag.) Anyway, the first show Katie and I saw (in Philadelphia, PA opening for Rusted Root) was enjoyable, but oh what a difference a band can make.

This show was excellent. Not only was it great to see Andy doing his thing, but Doughty himself really fed off the support of his band. Feeling the positive energy from the crowd and feeling secure in the knowledge that that his band "had his back", Doughty was a really strong, energetic frontman. Seeing him in Phillie was fun because the show was good and we were excited to see him live. Seeing Doughty with the new band in Charleston was good because he was so genuinely entertaining and enjoying himself.

Playing some new songs from his album Haughty Melodic, some of which are updated versions of his solo work, the show was a good mix of new and old, including quite a few Soul Coughing tracks. Of particular note was the band's rousing rendition of Kenny Roger's "The Gambler" (a highlight for our friends, the poker obsessed Cendrowski clan- who I lost a few bucks to the night before in a Texas Hold'em game. Evidently I do not know when to hold OR fold 'em)).

Great time, great show, great band (especially the bass player). See the tour if you get the chance.


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IPW said...

Sounds like you had crazy fun times! Wish I had been there!