Monday, September 19, 2005

Hangin' with Scrap

chris and andy
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It's cool to get to hang with a member of one of your favorite musician's band.

It's even cooler if the aforementioned band member is also a dear old friend.

This last weekend was a fun-filled few days in Charleston. Mike Doughty's new band was playing the Music Farm, and it just so happens that his new bass player is my old friend Andy Livingston (who has now been officially christened "Scrap" by his bandmates). Due to the ebb and flow of life, I had lost touch with Andy and his wife, Erica (another old friend) and hadn't spoken to Andy since my wedding 2 1/2 years ago. Honestly I was a little nervous to see him again just because so much time had passed. I'd tried to email him, but never could get in touch with him to tell we were going to be in town to see the show.

We hoped to find Andy before the show by going to an afternoon in-store appearance by Mike. The band's bus was parked outside the record store for the autograph signing, so I went up and asked Mike if Andy was around. I would love to have seen Andy's face when Doughty and another member of their crew got back on the bus and said "Hey, Andy- there's some guy in the store that says he knows you."

Well, if you've looked at the picture, obviously the reunion was a good one. We got to visit a good chunk of time, catching up and filling in the years of lost time.

We saw the show with our friends Brian, Nicole, and Cheryl, Tricia, and Adam. It was a great weekend. I'll post a more formal review of the show soon, but this entry is dedicated solely to Mr. Livingston and his bad self. I cannot think of a person who has "paid their dues" more than Andy, so it is an understatement to say I am proud of him. I give him my utmost respect.

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