Friday, October 28, 2005

The Ectomorph's Lament

Oh Cruelest Season
Originally uploaded by Waldie's World.
A Series of Haiku Reflecting Upon the Changes of the Season...

Cold arrived quickly.
My thin limbs shudder and shake.
Bones hold heat poorly.

Really though, it's not
That cold, but still I'm freezing.
Oh please, make me warm.

What is the damn deal?
Colder in our house than out.
Where's the heat, people?

Why can't I warm up?
What cruel trick is this? Damn you,
Mississippi blood!

Oh Cruelest Season!
So lovely, yet so so harsh!


Sean said...

yeah, double-you tee eff. i do, though, know why it's colder in my apartment than outside: my heater blows cold air. i guess i should have someone come look at that.

good thing i adore the cold.

b1-66er said...

you should be aware
there are places in the world
that don't have winter

Ben Waldie said...

If the problem is truly Mississippi blood, then I may have somehow come from Mississippi. For, I have this same problem.

While everyone else in my home is warm and cozy, I am always freezing. My hands and feet are like ice. I constantly run my hands under hot water to warm myself up. I also bundle up with long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and slippers to keep warm.

Then again, this could all be simply due to poor circulation from not exercising.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Weren't you guys having to leave your windows cracked last winter due to the overheating? (My memory may be faulty--it's hard to type when your feet are cold, but the prospect of turning up the heat when we're expecting a 45% rate increase is daunting.)

(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

Ummm . . . just how cold is it down there. I've had to break out the light jacket and use that totally awesome afghan (is that politically correct now that we, uh . . . liberated Afghanistan) that someone knitted me for Christmas whilst watching tv, but you sound really cold. How did you ever survive New York in January?

Anonymous said...

You are so freaking cute.
Hey--wanna spend winter in Chicago? It'll make you love the warm South Carolina winters...I am seriously dreading the snow. And I've been using a space heater at work for about a month now, so I can't imagine how it will get.