Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Schmeids and Schmoos

While in Mississippi this last weekend, I arranged for Katie, Dad, and me to rendezvous with Chris Blue (AKA Schmish Schmoo) and his family Martha and Joey (Scmartha and Schmoey- I think you're picking up on the trend here). Sadly, Mom was ill for most of the weekend and could not join us.

We met up at the MS State Fair (running concurrently with the SC State Fair, as it so happened) and we had a really good time. It was Katie's first time to meet the Schmoos, and only the second time I'd seen them in the last few years. We essentially walked around, watched the rides, ate some food, and enjoyed the company. The only one who really wanted to ride anything was the little jive-turkey Joey, who went to TOWN mackin' on some chick while he believed he was driving a small Mack truck. And yes, he's only two and is limited in his vocabulary, but nonetheless, he was undoubtedly pimpin'. You shoulda been there.

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IPW said...

Damn! Wish I could have been there! Very Sad, indeed!