Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reid Reunion 2005

Reid Reunion 2005
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The main reason behind our whirlwind trip to MS this last weekend was to attend the 2005 Reid Family Reunion. We didn't make it to last year's reunion (because we had just beeen to MS in late September for my father's surgery), so it was nice to be there this year. As per usual, I visited with my Dad's siblings (Carl, Kyle, and Susan), hung out with the cousins, said hey to most folks, made it a point to speak to all dad's cousins, and kinda just waved at all the 2nd cousins and such. I really don't know them well, some have babies and spouses I've never met, and the younger ones are growing so fast that I don't even recognize them when I see them. So as long as I see that they're still alive, I'm good to go.

As always we played a rollicking good game of frisbee golf. Well, I should say a fun game, because I certainly didn't play well at all (but at least I didn't come in last- thanks, Katie!) So my eleven year old cousin Austin was MUCH better than I was, cousin Jamie had some extraordinary throws, Dad, Carl, and Kyle as usual played a really close competitive game, and Dad lost to Kyle by one throw.

Most shocking was that my "little" cousins have all grown up so much. Of course, little Rowdy is just a baby, Lace is 4 (and precious), but Jamie is now almost 17 and talking of joining the Air Force! Cameron is 18 and a freshman at MSU, Emily is now a freshman in high school(and quite pretty) and Austin, who was born after I was really out on my own and whom I have known the least, is now this clever little guy with a great sense of humor and a sharp wit. And though they weren't there, it is always worth noting that Joey, Carl's step-son Trey, and either Trent or Trey (2nd cousin twins that I can never keep straight) are all serving overseas in the military (Iraq). My oh my time does pass quickly.

The visits with the grandmothers, aunts and uncles, and cousins etc are always nice. And though I believe I am where I am supposed to be right now in my life, I do wish that I was at a place where I could see these people more often. They are my kinfolks, and they do mean a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

Lace just turned 3 on September 20, which makes those pictures even more amazing!

discipleassisi said...

elena vessilinov is married to a stat teacher at USC... i forget his first name - did she have a baby last fall? he was my teacher then...