Sunday, October 30, 2005

Spooky Fun

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...or as Fuzzy would say, Spooooooky fun...

Yes, we get our kicks from old timey seasonal traditions on Saturday nights. No shame, here, dear readers. Our dear friend Sean was in town for a visit, and we sat visiting for the afternoon for a much-needed catching up. We gutted the pumpkins, Katie made pumpkin soup, and my friend Brandon joined us later in the evening in time for the carving. And what splendid carvings they were, in my humble opinion. Mine is the skull, Sean's is the bat.

So once again, no costumes or crazy parties for Halloween this year, but once again, I have no complaints. Another good holiday with friends. And zombies. But I won't bore you with details about those things. Just a minor disruption in the evening, really.


Spider Girl said...

Those are great jack-o-lanterns. :)

(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

Cool . . . . lucky!

erica said...

WOW, Christopher! Those are great! We weren't able to do anything spoooooky for Halloween, but I did play Sasha and Fuzzy played Cutie. We didn't have trick or treaters, either, but we gave the cable guy some candy.