Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kitchen Stories (2003)

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We found this strange little film from Norway in the "Previously Viewed" section of Blockbuster, and since I had heard good things about this film when it was released (and being that we had a gift certificate on-hand), we picked it up. This is an excerpt of a synopsis from

"A quaint story about the friendship between two aging men, KITCHEN STORIES is packaged as a comedy with a very strange premise. It is based on research conducted in Sweden in the 1950s when women were observed in the kitchen for a study to determine the best housework techniques. In the film, a fictional plotline concerns a team of Swedish scientists--all men--hired to observe bachelors living alone in Norway."

The film revolves around the breakdown of the subject-observer divide and the subtle little ways that people grow to be friends. Katie enjoyed it, but found thefilm’s description as a “comedy” to be dubious at best. I pointed out it is a FOREIGN comedy- so it really didn’t have to funny, per se. However, I did think it was pretty funny.
here to read snippets of various reviews.

On a related sidenote, this film reminded me about how much I love to watch foreign cinema, and how little I actually do so.

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erica said...

I really wanted to see that when it came out. It looks good.