Wednesday, December 07, 2005

King Kong Will Make You Cry

King Kong 1933
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Not that I have seen it yet. But I am betting that there will be a lot of people surprised at how emotionally upsetting the movie will be. And people will cry.

I saw the preview with a group of friends at the screening of HP #4 and even the preview affected me a little, but I know the story. I was surprised, however, that I was the only one of six that had ever seen the original, and some seemed surprised that I said it was going to be an upsetting movie, not just a big budget extavaganza. And I think a lot of that will be due to Peter Jackson and company's handling of the story. But even the original is sad.

I won't give anything away, but keep this in mind. Yes, King Kong is about a big-ass gorilla that smashes up New York. That's a part of it. But King Kong, in my mind, is essentially about exploitation. Man exploiting Nature. People exploiting other people. Profits before all else. Consumerism and the questionable objects of our consumption. And the classic "could vs. should" argument- just because we can do something doesn't mean it should be done.

So keep this in mind. It'll be a special effects extravaganza, without a doubt. But it'll be a tragedy above all else.


IPW said...

If you think about it all alot of the classic horror monster movies are cautionary tales
King Kong, Consumerism without Consciences
Frankstein, Risks of Playing God
Godzilla, Horror of the Nuclear Age
Dracula, has been used as a tale against STD and premarried sex
Many of the Alien Invasion pictures of the 1950s where really about the Red Scare.
One of the earliest Sci-fi film, Metropolis, is about class struggle and humanities struggle with class.
Hell even the "Living Dead" film have social conscience in them. Night of the living dead is about social equality and Dawn of the Dead is about commericalism and consumerism.
Yep, Monster Movies and Sci-Fi!!!
Being the Social Voice of the Generation for over 100 years!
(((((((KING KONG SPOILER))))))))
The Ape gets Shot off the top of the empire state building and dies.

baldman76 said...

Very valid points, my friend. Speaking of, I'd like to see this full-version Godzilla they released in the last year or two. It's supposed to really drive home the point about the "nuclear" aspect. Yep, there's a reason the Japanese were the one's to think of the nuclear "threat" as a big scary destructive monster.

discipleassisi said...

not that i didn't already know that - but in general, it's a good idea to space out your spoiler warning from the actual spoiler... just a thought :)

btw: i'm so gonna be bawling.

Anonymous said...


Kong is a wonderful film. The movie is true to the original (you have seen the original?) with the added time for more character development and special effects. It’s worth seeing just for the special effects

For the film purists, the movie is not completely true to the original 1930’s King Kong, but it’s very close. In the latest versions, one will find subtle references to the original movie if you are familiar with the film’s history. The first King Kong was approximately 90 minutes with a fair potion dedicated to the chase on Skull Island and encountering monsters. The same applies to the latest version, but maybe this latest film dedicated a bit too much time on the island. I was ready to leave, but the main protagonists were still fighting creatures and beasts.

As to the scenes in NYC, they were wonderful. It helps one see what life was like during the Great Depression and the hunger/suffering of those seeking work.

Heck, I was also calculating the cost expressed in the movie from salaries to food into today’s dollars. (For those wondering, they did a good job with pricing during the period.). But enough about history and values, the film is about love!

Yes, I said “love”. Love and affection for a huge, hairy animal. The one pet you can not take home and ask mom if you can keep him. This is an angry creature – worst than that pet alligator I found in the sewer. And that anger is clear!

Through the film you learn about Kong, see Kong’s emotions and, at times, feel sorry for Kong (even while he is smashing cars in NYC). As to making one cry, it can be done - even if you know the ending. Why?

Then I would ruin the movie for those who don’t know. Just be prepared to cry if you’re emotional during films.

BTW…This was one historical period film I enjoyed. Though not a true story, it does take one back into a fictional story in a true historical period.

Hummmm…..I wonder how Mr. Darcy would fair in a one-on-one with Kong……I put my money on Kong.



discipleassisi said...

finally done!