Monday, December 19, 2005


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And so it came to pass that another successful Reid Christmas party was held this last Saturday evening, December 17th. We had a good crowd, a little less than we were anticipating and less than the number that attended last year, but a good solid mix and friends and acquaintences (about 40 people showed up over the course of the night).

There were a few differences this year, most notably the presence of kids. A few toddlers in the living room kept folks quite occupied by their extreme cuteness, and a few elementary age kids kept people, uh- distracted, as those two little guys tended to run up and punch my other guests when they weren't looking. Nice.

This in fact may be the last of our parties in Columbia, as by next Christmas our plans may take us elsewhere, either to another town, or even another continent. So this evening was a little bittersweet, yet it was still a very fun night. It's always nice to mix up our social groups a bit. We introduce friends from work with friends from church, friends we've known a year to people we've known for almost twenty, older & younger folks, undergrads and professors.

We hope that when the evening was done, hopefully everyone left with that good feeling that comes when people are just nice to each other. Even if these people only see each other once a year at our party, hopefully they enjoy their time together. Katie and I feel that in our own little way maybe we increased the total amount of goodwill in the world just a little. And, ya know, it's fun.

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erica said...

Congrats, guys! That sounds lovely. We are planning a huge shindiggy in Feb as an Engagement/ Housewarming/ Fuzzy's Birthday party, since Christmas is such a hectic party time. But I do love a good holiday party. See you in a few days!